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  • Budgeting app

    Budget Planner

    Plan where you want your money to go. Budgeting helps you cut back on extras and non-essentials to save more money up. Get notified when budget reaches limit.

  • Cloud sync

    Cloud Synchronize

    Access to your data from any device you have, manage personal finance anywhere you go. It works seamlessly across devices and platforms, from mobile, tablet to PC.

  • Expense tracker

    Expense Tracker

    Pick up a category and input amount, it's that easy to record transactions and payments. Money management is simple and effortless with Money Lover.

  • Payment reminder

    Bill Reminder

    Stay on top of your bills. Do schedule for upcoming payment or recurring transaction, you will never miss any important bills because Money Lover will notify on the due date.

  • Financial reports

    In-depth Report

    Understand where your money comes and goes. Money Lover provides visualized bar and pie charts which show you accurate picture of your financial standard.

  • Multiple accounts

    Multiple Accounts & Currencies

    Manage miltiple wallets with different currencies. Cash, Saving account or Credit card etc, it's easy to keep track of all accounts in one application.


"Works really good, has a clean and nice interface, great features, and good usability. It really helps you manage your daily budget and kind of motivates you to cut down unnecessary expenses and reach your saving goals. This app has cured months of stress worrying of stress about my financial situation as a university student."

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